I am a University Researcher at the University of Helsinki in Finland. My research background is in machine learning with evolving data -- how to make predictive models that can handle concept drift over time. My main current research is in computational palaeobiology, which is about extracting and interpreting patterns from rich and multifaceted fossil data in order to better understand biological, ecological and environmental change processes, and interactions of those processes over time. 

What's new?

  • June 2017 » I got a tenure track assistant professorship in Life science informatics at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki
  • Nov 2016 » Our commentary regarding evolution and learning is published
  • Oct 2016 » Our PNAS paper is published, Herbivore teeth predict climatic limits
  • Sep 2016 » I am attending ECMLPKDD in Riva del Garda (September 19-22)
  • July 2016 » Visiting Saarland University and Max Planck institute in Saarbruecken
  • May-June 2016 » I'm in Berlin on a research visit to the Museum of Natural History
  • May 2016 » I am visiting EU Fundamental Rights Agency FRA (May 18)
  • May 2016 » We are organizing a workshop on Data science for social good at ECMLPKDD'16
  • Apr 2016 » I was awarded Docentship in Computer Science, University of Helsinki
  • Feb 2016 » I am visiting Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya