Indrė Žliobaitė

I am an Associate professor at the University of Helsinki in Finland, where I lead a research group on Data science and evolution. Our research is interdisciplinary focusing on computational approaches for analysing the changing world.

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For potential students

I'm supervising Master students primarily from the University of Helsinki. Topics: data science applications, especially in macroecology, conservation palaeobiology, climate and vegetation modeling, contexts of human evolution, evolution of mammals. Transparency, explainability, interpretability or/and fairness of machine-learned models. Concept drift in machine learning.

I cannot respond to all the incoming inquiries from outside about potential PhD, postdoc or internship positions with us, sorry about that. If you are proactively looking for a position, please read some of our papers before getting in touch and in your inquiry be specific about the type of research you are interested in.

What's up?

  • February 2021 » project news item Evol­u­tion is all around us – can we model how big changes hap­pen in nature and society?

  • January 2021 » We are looking for a data science postdoc for two years (based in Helsinki) to work on comparing evolution in nature and society within a Koneen Säätiö funded project (see below). If you are interested, please get in touch with Indrė Žliobaitė.

  • December 2020 » Wonderful news, we got funding from Koneen Säätiö for Comparing evolution in nature and society -- 7PIs from computer science, economics, linguistics, biogeosciences and arts.

  • October 2020 » New on Her Majesty's secret service "All sizes for the Red Queen".

  • July 2020 » We are organising a Summer School on Foundations in Quantitative Palaeontology via zoom in September 2020. Apply by August 30.

  • May 2020 » And I wrote an opinion piece on objectivity in evolutionary sciences.

  • April 2020 » I wrote a beginners guide to time information in the fossil record, used my tablecloths for illustrations.

  • March 2020 » Back from a month in Kenya collecting fossil data to new Europe. Greetings from home office.

  • January 2020 » After over a year of preparation my workshop on Comparing evolutionary processes in biology, culture, economy and society (The HAT workshop) took place at the headquarters of The Finnish Society for Sciences and Letters. There will be very interesting follow ups, stay tuned!

  • January 2020 » Just finished teaching an intensive course on analysing the changing world. I really really enjoyed it, and the students too, they say. And the student projects turned out wonderfully! I'll do the course again next January.

  • November 2019 » We are starting to teach Trustworthy machine learning. This year's edition is about privacy and fairness.

  • October 2019 » I was appointed as the General coordinator of the NOW database . That is a voluntary position of trust and expertise.

  • October 2019 » Attending Lorenz workshop on predicting evolution, curiousier and curiousier.

  • September 2019 » Slides from my ECMLPKDD keynote are here.

  • September 2019 » Off to ECMLPKDD in Wuerzburg, giving a keynote talk on Palaeontology as a computational science.

  • August 2019 » Teaching fairness and machine learning at a summer school, Technical University of Denmark. Wonderful audience again!

  • August 2019 » Just back from Seoul, I was invited to a panel on AI policy for the future , great discussion, great audience!

  • July 2019 » I'm in Madrid for two weeks -- fossil collections and then excavations in Batallones.

  • June 2019 » attending MioMeet in Stockholm

  • May 2019 » Acting as the opponent for PhD defence of Theodoros Vasiloudis at KTH, very nice piece of research work!

  • May 2019 » Visiting fossil collections at the American Museum of Natural History

  • April 2019 » Visiting fossil collections in Basel

  • March 2019 » Attending Macroecology 2019 in Würzburg

  • December 2018 » I got the Researcher of the Year Award from the Department of Computer Science.

  • December 2018 » visiting Stockholm University, I'm the opponent for I.Homem's defence.

  • October 2018 » Attending a workshop in Leuven on Exploring Implicit Assumptions and Context in Debiasing and Discrimination-Awareness.

  • September 2018 » I have an opening for a postdoc having experience in remote sensed or geospatial data analysis. Please e-mail me if you are interested.

  • July 2018 » I am looking for a PhD student and a Postdoc to work on machine learning methods for analysing biospheric change. This is about concept drift over evolutionary times. Apply by August 15. Filled.

  • June 2018 » I got Academy Project Funding! The topic is "Machine learning methods for analysing biospheric change".

  • May 2018 » Here are the slides of my recent talk on Fairness-aware Machine Intelligence. References to my works on the topic can be found here.

  • April 2018 » Research visit to The Museum of Evolution in Uppsala.

  • April 2018 » I visited Dept. of Geology and Mineralogy and Life Sciences Center at Vilnius University.

  • March 2018 » I'm hiring a postdoc with a focus on data science, macroevolution or palaeoecology. Get in touch if you are interested and have ideas on what to work together. The position is for two years in Helsinki.

  • February 2018 » I gave a talk at CS Forum, Aalto University on Predictive modelling over evolutionary times, the slides are here.

  • February 2018 » Meike Wortel from CEES - Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo is visiting us.

  • December 2017 » Prof. Christine Janis from University of Bristol is visiting us.

  • December 2017 » I'm visiting METOS, University of Oslo.

  • November 2017 » Our Red Queen paper is out. We also wrote a blog post on the topic.

  • September 2017 » I'm looking for a PhD student in machine learning for evolving data in biogeosciences. Apply here by 31 October, 2017.

  • August 2017 » I put a compressed version of my rejected ERC proposal on Fairness-aware machine learning to Arxiv. Feel free to reuse, demolish or ignore.

  • June 2017 » I got a tenure track assistant professorship in Life science informatics at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki

  • May 2017 » My tutorial on Machine learning for fossil data analysis is accepted to ECMLPKDD'17

  • Feb 2017 » Visiting Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya

  • Feb 2017 » Our new group website -- Evolutionary Palaeontology Group

  • Jan 2017 » Research internship -- machine learning for fossil data analysis, apply by March 1

  • Jan 2017 » I moved to the University of Helsinki full time, I'm affiliated with the Department of Geosciences and Geography and the Department of Computer Science

  • Nov 2016 » Our commentary regarding evolution and learning is published

  • Oct 2016 » Our PNAS paper is published, Herbivore teeth predict climatic limits

  • Sep 2016 » I am attending ECMLPKDD in Riva del Garda (September 19-22)

  • July 2016 » Visiting Saarland University and Max Planck institute in Saarbruecken

  • May-June 2016 » I'm in Berlin on a research visit to the Museum of Natural History

  • May 2016 » I am visiting EU Fundamental Rights Agency FRA (May 18)

  • May 2016 » We are organising a workshop on Data science for social good at ECMLPKDD'16

  • Apr 2016 » I was awarded Docentship in Computer Science, University of Helsinki

  • Feb 2016 » I am visiting Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya