Indrė Žliobaitė

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Helsinki in Finland, where I lead a research group on Data science and evolution. My research is interdisciplinary focusing on computational approaches for analysing changing world.

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What's up?

  • April 2019 » Visiting fossil collections in Basel
  • March 2019 » Attending Macroecology 2019 in Würzburg
  • December 2018 » I got the Researcher of the Year Award from the Department of Computer Science.
  • December 2018 » visiting Stockholm University, I'm the opponent for I.Homem's defence.
  • October 2018 » Attending a workshop in Leuven on Exploring Implicit Assumptions and Context in Debiasing and Discrimination-Awareness.
  • September 2018 » I have an opening for a postdoc having experience in remote sensed or geospatial data analysis. Please e-mail me if you are interested.
  • July 2018 » I am looking for a PhD student and a Postdoc to work on machine learning methods for analysing biospheric change. This is about concept drift over evolutionary times. Apply by August 15. Filled.
  • June 2018 » I got Academy Project Funding! The topic is "Machine learning methods for analysing biospheric change".
  • May 2018 » Here are the slides of my recent talk on Fairness-aware Machine Intelligence. References to my works on the topic can be found here.
  • April 2018 » Research visit to The Museum of Evolution in Uppsala.
  • April 2018 » I visited Dept. of Geology and Mineralogy and Life Sciences Center at Vilnius University.
  • March 2018 » I'm hiring a postdoc with a focus on data science, macroevolution or palaeoecology. Get in touch if you are interested and have ideas on what to work together. The position is for two years in Helsinki.
  • February 2018 » I gave a talk at CS Forum, Aalto University on Predictive modelling over evolutionary times, the slides are here.
  • February 2018 » Meike Wortel from CEES - Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo is visiting us.
  • December 2017 » Prof. Christine Janis from University of Bristol is visiting us.
  • December 2017 » I'm visiting METOS, University of Oslo.
  • November 2017 » Our Red Queen paper is out. We also wrote a blog post on the topic.
  • September 2017 » I'm looking for a PhD student in machine learning for evolving data in biogeosciences. Apply here by 31 October, 2017.
  • August 2017 » I put a compressed version of my rejected ERC proposal on Fairness-aware machine learning to Arxiv. Feel free to reuse, demolish or ignore.
  • June 2017 » I got a tenure track assistant professorship in Life science informatics at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki
  • May 2017 » My tutorial on Machine learning for fossil data analysis is accepted to ECMLPKDD'17
  • Feb 2017 » Visiting Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya
  • Feb 2017 » Our new group website -- Evolutionary Palaeontology Group
  • Jan 2017 » Research internship -- machine learning for fossil data analysis, apply by March 1
  • Jan 2017 » I moved to the University of Helsinki full time, I'm affiliated with the Department of Geosciences and Geography and the Department of Computer Science
  • Nov 2016 » Our commentary regarding evolution and learning is published
  • Oct 2016 » Our PNAS paper is published, Herbivore teeth predict climatic limits
  • Sep 2016 » I am attending ECMLPKDD in Riva del Garda (September 19-22)
  • July 2016 » Visiting Saarland University and Max Planck institute in Saarbruecken
  • May-June 2016 » I'm in Berlin on a research visit to the Museum of Natural History
  • May 2016 » I am visiting EU Fundamental Rights Agency FRA (May 18)
  • May 2016 » We are organising a workshop on Data science for social good at ECMLPKDD'16
  • Apr 2016 » I was awarded Docentship in Computer Science, University of Helsinki
  • Feb 2016 » I am visiting Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya