Controlled permutations for testing adaptive classifiers

Žliobaitė, I. (2011). Controlled Permutations for Testing Adaptive Classifiers. Proc. of the 14th International Conf. on Discovery Science (DS 2011) , Springer LNCS 6926, p. 365-379.


DS'11 paper PDF

Technical report PDF

Code (Matlab)

  • Shape permutation code
  • Time permutation code
  • Speed permutation code
  • Average neighbor distance code
  • Generate permuted datasets (from csv file) code



  • 2011 Oct, the 14th Int. Conference on Discovery Science (DS 2011) slides
  • 2011 May, The University of Birmingham slides
  • 2011 Mar, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven slides
  • 2011 Jan, University of Waikato slides